Rimowa Milan Proposal

Located on one of Milan’s premiere retail streets, Via St. Andrea, this Rimowa store design proposal aimed to stand out amongst its neighbors, while introducing a fresh take on the typical Rimowa material palette. The proposal makes use of expanded metal mesh as a means of both concealing and displaying suitcases along the walls.

We aimed to maximize the square footage of the small footprint by utilizing the existing column that stood in the middle of the space. We introduced a display platform which cantilevered out from the existing column. The cash wrap and storage would take place through a two-way window, in order to conceal BOH and maximize usable area.

In a separate space, we designed a client care facility that existed as a stark white “laboratory,” where visitors could peer into the room from a monochromatic green waiting area.

Project done in collaboration with Mass Studio.

Design: MA-MA & Mass Studio
Location: Milan, Italy
Status: Proposal
Year: 2019