Rimowa Hong Kong Proposal

Lee Gardens is one Hong Kong’s premiere luxury shopping destinations. The proposal included a 3-story facade design, as well as, a ground level retail experience.

Stretched metal encases a series of displayed suitcases along the facade, exposing a ghosted silhouette of each, and the grid structure/shelving system behind. Integrated tube lighting would become an ever-changing element of the facade. The entryway would serve as the grand moment of the facade design, funneling visitors into the store by way of a large formal curved gesture.

We allowed this large entryway to inform the plan of the store itself. Mirroring this curved wall of the entry to the North side of the store, we were able to create a continuous circulation path through the space: a figure eight. In efforts to maximize the usable footprint, we continued the luggage display along two walls of the store. The cashwrap would exist through a two-way window in order to also conceal the back of house.

Project done in collaboration with Mass Studio.

Design: MA-MA & Mass Studio
Location: Lee Gardens, Hong Kong
Status: Proposal
Year: 2019