Packaging redesign for Houseplant; a cannabis brand founded by Seth Rogen for its launch into the U.S. market (originally from Canada). Taking Houseplant’s existing logotype and symbol as the starting point, we developed a typographic and illustration system that helped unify and revamp the brand’s new wide range of products and overall communications.

The redesign includes the introduction of a wider typographic system with a custom typeface that is based on the original logotype, a unifying illustration system that helps represent the forms of the products packaged within, and a fresher color palette with brighter hues to convey the vibrancy of the company.

The structural packaging itself maintains a simple design; a solid colored drawer system, in which the complimenting color is featured within the typography, line illustration, pull tab, and eco-foam within. In line with the company’s goal to be more sustainable, we also designed a series of recyclable tin ‘jars’ to house the cannabis goods, as well as, tin cases for pre-roll joints. The ‘jars’ have been designed such that they can stack like legos, acting as a collectible and reusable keepsake. In efforts to keep the packaging as sustainable and with as little waste as possible, we designed a simple label wrap for the tins made out of cardstock paper with printed graphics.

Project done in collaboration between MA-MA and Pràctica.

Structural Packaging Design: MA-MA
Identity and Packaging System Design: Pràctica

Product Design for Tin Jars and Pre-Roll: MA-MA
Typeface Creative Direction: Pràctica
Typeface Design and Production: Tipografies
Animations and 3D Renders: Dani Avila