Murakami x RTFKT

The Genesis Neolun Concept SUV and the Magma GV60 were revealed at the Genesis House located in NYC during the NY International Auto Show.

Genesis House was transformed into a multi-sensory event that embodied the design essence of the new cars: sophisticated and simplistic. The design set out to craft an immersive environment that took the guest on a journey, through design, light, and sound. Our aim was to uniquely showcase the product, presenting the cars like a work of art in a gallery, delivering a fresh perspective for a typical automotive brand reveal. Traditional Korean Hanji paper was used as the main scenic element throughout the Genesis House. Custom sliding panels slowly opened to reveal the Genesis Neolun Concept SUV. Lighting behind the panels was programmed in sequence with custom audio and voiceover in anticipation of the reveal.

Project done in collaboration with Bureau Betak.

Set Design & Creative: MA-MA
Creative Direction: Bureau Betak
Lighting Design: Seth Bernstein
Production: Bureau Betak
Audio Engineering: ADI Audio Composition: Mode-F