Depop Live New York | 2019

MA-MA helped bring this renowned online marketplace to life for Depop’s first ever weekend-long event. The design included a “marketplace” that showcased merchandise of 50 of Depop’s best sellers. The marketplace was designed as a long colonnade of red columns, in which clothing racks and shelving were strung between. Adjacent to the colonnade were five booth build-outs which were made up of floor-to-ceiling red scaffolding with integrated retail display. A series of panel discussions and musical performances took place on a custom-designed stage. The backdrop of the stage, another scaffolding structure, which layered TV screens and graphics within it. The customization room utilized more raw materials: large plywood panels wrapped the walls and floor, designating each specific customization area.

Design: MA-MA
Production: Something Special Studios
Fabrication: Production Glue